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What is the art of "dowsing?" Dowsing is when persons who, through an ancient practice, use a technique called dowsing (or divining) to find water, grave sites, sacred locations, geopathic zones and universal answers. Dowsing is done through the use of rods made up of sticks, L-rods, or hanger wire to geomanticaly find the placement of both secular and spiritual structures. Honoring relationships between human consciousness and the Spirit of Place, dowsing is done to locate and harmonically mold areas between physical and spiritual environment. Dowsing means paying special attention to where earth energies are, as this is where the molding begins to take shape.

Dowsing is practiced through gripping the rods in a firm manner, while pointing the index finger down about a half-inch or more from the top of the handles. Now, with a rod in each hand, the individual who is dowsing will then bend his arms at an approximate 90-degree angle while pointing the rods away from his/her body, and uniform to the earth. Positioning the rods slightly down towards the ground, dowsing is almost ready to begin. Depending on his/her method of dowsing, a dowser may hold the rods in the form of an "X," horizontally side by side, or pointed at one another. Treading lightly upon the ground, the person who is dowsing will allow himself to be steered or guided by the rods. Sometimes, one or both rods will move.

In any event, dowsing will emit cosmic results based upon where the rods may lead. Dowsing may uncover answers to health questions and geomantic sites through the Divine. Dowsing is an art that can be practiced by professional dowsers and novices alike.

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Muscle-Spasm Headache Relief This formula is great for easing muscle-spasm headaches. What you need: 2 drops peppermint 1 drop rosemary 1 oz. carrier oil such as sweet almond oil How to: Add the peppermint and rosemary to the carrier oil. Rub on pulse points or on back of neck.

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