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Crystal Healing

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Energy Therapy
Energy therapy is a form of massage that works to restore balance and relieve the blockage of energy in the body. The premise is that when this energy, or life force, is impeded or imbalanced, sickness results. Energy therapists work to restore the balance and release the energy with little or no physical contact. Instead of relying on touch, for it to achieve its desired effect this type of work requires you to be extremely centered and aware of your body.

I wanted to offer a simple and effective dance that the spirits shared with me that beautifully supports the process of co-creating and manifesting in our day to day dances. This exploration invites and invokes the medicine of the stone spirits, numerology and sacred geometry and weaves them together into a song that focuses on birthing into being.
This simple dance involves the presence of the 10 single terminated Clear Quartz Crystals and a single Montana Agate. As with most dances the location of the Quartz will determine a facet of the medicine these crystals share. For example, Arkansas Quartz will offer a different medicine than Madagascar Quartz.
In my own experience the presence of Brazilian Quartz has been the most supportive in this dance, with Arkansas Quartz being the next in line. I should also note that natural crystals are important.
Artifically cut, shaped and polished "points" do not embody or share the same medicine as crystals grown naturally in the womb of the Earth Mother.
Ten is the number of manifestation for those of us living and Loving in human form. We have ten fingers and the number ten represents a reaching with both hands toward that which we are seeking to manifest. The "both hands" reference is also important because it includes both the practical and spiritual reaching that we must do in order to wholly and holy realize our goal. The ten Clear Quartz Crystals are like ten fingers of light that will reach toward your prayers and through their dances of reaching they support realization, manifestation and attainment. They are like the crystalline fingers of the spirits that join in our own process of reaching, geometrically expanding the degree of medicine, light, Love
and support that exists in our co-creative endeavors.
Montana Agate embodies the medicine of receiving and realizing prayers. These spirits root themselves deeply into the music of the Earth Mother and receive our prayers so beautifully, joining with us by echoing these prayers into the Mother's Heart and holding them luminously until they are made manifest. Montana Agates teach us the
ceremonies of prayer and right relationship, allowing us to pray in harmony with the flow of our lives and with the whole and holiness of Creation at large.
There are, as an aside, a more detailed listenings about Montana
Agate and Brazilian Quartz in the archives for anyone interested in reading more about their medicine.
You may decide to co-create this small grid in a special place
dedicated specifically to this dance. The area can be as simple or fancy as you'd like - a corner of a bookshelf or an elaborate shrine or altar area. Begin by clearing the area in whatever way is familiar to you - smudging, praying, singing, dancing, Loving, etc. It is important to give birth to an energetically clean space in order to fully support the dance below.
As with all dances begin by giving your thanks to the stone spirits that have joined you, expressing your appreciation for their support and excitement around the magic that you are about to co-create together. Gently and respectfully cupping the stone spirits in your hand breathe directly on them ten times, allowing your breath to come into direct contact with the stones themselves. Respectfully place the ten Quartz Crystals in front of you, while continuing to embrace the Montana Agate in the palm of your hand. Begin praying or sharing your intention in whatever way is most natural and effective for you. It is not uncommon for the Montana Agate spirit to gently pulse as you pray, a stone spirit expression of "YES!" given in gentle support of your prayer.
Praying with Montana Agate gifts us with the power the synergy of shared intention, the added medicine that happens when two or more beings come together to pray about something. Montana Agate is literally joining us to make our prayers MORE. When you have finished praying gently place the Montana Agate in the center of your space, thanking it once again for singing MORE into your prayers and for supporting this dance in such a powerful and
fully present way.
Then begin slowly and consciously placing the ten Clear Quartz Crystals in a circle around the Montana Agate with the terminated ends ("points") facing inward toward the Montana Agate. Because it is at least as important *how* we place these spirits as it is *that* we place them, it is generally best to place these crystals in a clockwise fashion. Clockwise moments are generative in nature and move forward with increasing energy, which is perfect for our co-creative dance here.
As you place each Clear Quartz Crystal realize that it is a finger of the spirits. Spend a moment to feel it's medicine reaching out and connecting with the Montana Agate, connecting with your prayer singing from that sacred space. Don't rush this process, as rushed reaching generally attains very little.
The sacred geometry of the Circle brings with it a medicine of
enclosing, consecrating and holding in a sanctified wombspace. It is an act of making sacred the area and all that happens within it, while holding it in the center of the feminine medicine - the medicine of the Mother - so that the seed is born into being. There is an additional protective element that helps the seed grow safely so that it can become a flower in due timelessness. When all ten crystals have been placed in a perfect circle spend a moment in that space. Allow your heart to open to what is there, the dance that has been co-created between yourself, the stone spirits and the sacred architectual elements of number and shape.
To bring the dance to a close (or to really start it, depending on how you look at it) a ritual hand movement is made over the space being held perfectly by the stone spirits. With both hands spread your fingers as wide as they will go with becoming uncomfortable. This action helps to awaken the lines and centers of energy in the hands. Repeat this opening and stretching motion two more times for a total of three stretches. Open and stretch your fingers once again. Hold them in this position. Place your hands at opposite sides of the circle - with your left hand at the left side and your right hand at the right side. Bring them to the the center of the circle itself, to the place where the Montana Agate is resting, without allowing your hands to touch. Once at the center draw them quicklyupward and out, like the motion of a water fountain. As your hands go outward, to the left and right sides again, cup your hands like you would if you were scooping water from a stream. Hold them in this position, which is a position of receiving the blessings and perfection of your prayers, for whatever length of time feels right to you. Be conscious that you are now in a space of receiving and allow that medicine to bless you in whatever way is there in the moment. When you're ready repeat the entire above hand movement two more times for a total of three of these inward and upward ceremonial hand movements. The number three embodies the element of Fire and has a resonance with the sacred geometry of the Tetrahedron. Repeating the above movements in cycles of three invokes the Fire element to bring life and vitality to the dance, to birth the co-creative fuel that will carry your prayers to their desired destination en route to being fully realize. This medicine is what sustains the dance from start to finish, from possibility to reality. Yes.
When you are finished give you thanks again to the stone spirits and either remain in or exit the space as you wish.
I hope this dance is useful in some way. May we all be blessed to feel the crystalline hands of the spirits reaching with us in
support, always and in all ways.

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