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What is Reiki? 

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle, Japanese technique of hands-on natural healing. The term translates into "universal life energy." With a practitioner serving as a channel between the spiritual energy and the client's personal energy, Reiki seeks to balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit through the chakra system -- a group of energy centers in the body.  Reiki is not a religion, and you don’t need to have any special beliefs for Reiki to work. Specifically, it can help with relief of stress, relief of physical symptoms (i.e. headaches, muscle pain), and is conducive to emotional healing. Reiki also helps to relieve anxiety, and can be used as a form of meditation to access inner guidance. 


What is a session like?

A Reiki Session lasts on an average 45-60 minutes.  It is very relaxing. It is done fully clothed, laying on a massage table, a mat on the floor, or it can also be done with the person sitting in a chair. The room is usually quiet or has soft music playing, and often the lights are dimmed to create a relaxing atmosphere. The Reiki practitioner then sends the energy by utilizing various hand positions over the clients body, depending on the clients needs, and to where the Reiki energies guide them. It is a soft, gentle, touch, and many clients will notice the heat (energy) that will come through the practitioner's hands. Reiki quiets the mind and relaxes the body, so we can begin to heal.

Each person's experience with Reiki is different, and each session can even feel different. It is usually very profound, and always deeply relaxing to the client. Some clients have gotten significant relief from physical problems with just one session. It allows the clients own innate wisdom within their body and spirit to do what's best for them .

We all know intuitively what is best for us but sometimes we just don't trust that inner voice.  Whether it be from fear that we will make the wrong decision, have fear of the unknown, or fear of letting go. Sometimes we just get stuck in the what ifs!  We hold onto ideas, beliefs, people and places that no longer work for us.  We become full of discomfort, which effects our physical energy. We become frustrated and tired.  Sometimes we don't  know what is wrong, just that something is. When we are on the right path, when we are doing what works for us, we feel energized, alive and well! Life is flowing smoothly and those little bumps in the road, which we all have from time to time, are just that, little bumps. Our thinking is clear. We are focused. Reiki helps to balance our energies, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
I personally use Reiki every morning, to get my day going in the right direction.

What can be treated?

Reiki works in harmony and is beneficial in improving the effectiveness of all other types of therapy. If you have a physical or psychological condition, and want to be treated with Reiki, it is recommend that you do so  under the supervision of a medical/ health care professional or psychologist.  Reiki is used with psychotherapy to improve the healing of emotional trauma and other issues.  Reiki can be used in many ways, including stress reduction, preventive care, childbirth and reducing chronic pain.  It is used in hospitals to assist patients in their recovery and shorten their healing time. The University of Washington is currently doing a study on Reiki.

Who can learn Reiki?

Anyone can learn Reiki! It is unique in that the Reiki energy cannot be learned by reading or studying, but rather the ability to access the Reiki energy is passed from the teacher to the student. This is done by what is called an attunement. (Attune: to bring into accord, harmony.) It is simply the process of initiating the student with the Reiki symbols and energy, which open up the energy channels of the body so that the student will be able to receive and give Reiki to others. 

You don't need to have any special beliefs for Reiki to work. It is not a religion, although it is quite spiritual in nature.

The attunement process helps to clear out some old issues, and look at life with a slightly different perspective. In order to be a clear channel for passing on the energy, we need to clear ourselves out. Even if you have no desire to use Reiki on others, it is a great resource for personal growth. Once attuned to the energy, it is there for life - you don't have to re-learn it.


Reiki Energy Therapy
Reiki is an intense energy therapy centered around the flow of life force through the body and the aura that it gives off. The main principle of the practice is that the life force nourishes the organs and cells, and when it is blocked or disrupted, the body ceases to function well. Reiki practitioners heal the body by changing this energy. Although there are a few positions in which the practitioner is in contact with the patient (such as cradling the head), Reiki treatment does not directly involve touch. Instead, the practitioner holds his or her hands a few inches from the body, manipulating the life force as well as releasing his or her own energy, resulting in relaxation, unclogged energy and a detoxified system.


Michelle Hudson-Owner
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Muscle-Spasm Headache Relief This formula is great for easing muscle-spasm headaches. What you need: 2 drops peppermint 1 drop rosemary 1 oz. carrier oil such as sweet almond oil How to: Add the peppermint and rosemary to the carrier oil. Rub on pulse points or on back of neck.

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